Sameera’s Storyy

Sameera, an ambitious professional working in the IT sector, was working as an inside sales representative for a technology company specialising in cold calling and nurturing warm leads for the sales team.

Recognising the importance of professional development, Sameera’s company sought the expertise of Storyy Group to create a comprehensive Training Programme aligned with their vision and values. Intrigued by the opportunity, Sameera decided to apply for the training programme, and she was granted the chance to undertake the Team Leader Level 3 course.

The training programme was designed to cater to different learning styles and was delivered using a blended approach, combining virtual and face-to-face sessions. Sameera and her cohort experienced a mix of one-on-one and group lessons, allowing them to explore various aspects of leadership. With the guidance of their Storyy tutor, they delved into topics such as campaign planning and strategy, as well as gaining insights into recruitment and human resources.

Sameera’s journey within the programme has been nothing short of remarkable. She has shown exceptional progress and has now taken on the role of Campaign Manager, leading a team on an international account. The skills and experience she gained through the bespoke training programme have been instrumental in her growth within the company. Additionally, Sameera’s development has allowed the company to retain a highly engaged and proactive employee, while providing her with a clear pathway for career advancement.

As Sameera continues to excel in her current role, she is contemplating the next steps in her professional journey. One option that has caught her attention is the Operation Lead Level 6 apprenticeship. This advanced opportunity would provide her with the chance to further enhance her skills and knowledge when she feels ready to take on new challenges.

Sameera’s story exemplifies the value of investing in professional training and development. By partnering with Storyy Group, her company created a tailored programme that not only enabled Sameera’s growth but also fostered a culture of upskilling and career progression. Through this collaboration, Sameera has become a valuable asset, driving success within her team and contributing to the company’s overall goals.

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