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Whether you work within the field of Sports Coaching, train professional or semipro teams, teach dance and gymnastics or work with people in a physical capacity, we have a range of impactful courses designed for professional and personal growth. Our Sports Coaching & Community courses will take your teaching or sports team to the next level, developing pathways for coaches within your leadership team along the way.

Community Activator Coach Level Two

This coaching apprenticeship is designed to develop competent coaches who can deliver effective training sessions. It will allow individuals to gain the skills and expertise to enhance communities through physical activity, alongside organised sporting events and play sessions. There is no age restriction on this qualification and no previous qualifications are required.

Community Safety Advisor Level Three

This course will give you the skills to work within local communities and provide life-improving advice, host interventions that support people to remain safe and reduce the risk from harm such as fire, falls, crime or disruptive personal circumstances. A Community Safety Advisor will be a part of a multiagency team that works in partnership with a range of organisations to provide support to the community.

Community Sport & Health Officer Level Three

This course will allow candidates to initiate behaviour change in local residents, to help people engage in sport and physical activity across local communities. By working within and across local organisations, individuals will scope, organise and coordinate the delivery of opportunities for communities to get more physically active.

Sports Coach Level Four

This sports coaching qualification is aimed at any experienced coach working in a school, community or high-performance sporting environment. Coaches will be supported to use extensive technical and tactical sports knowledge, whilst developing skills to design and deliver coaching programs that engage, motivate and envelope participants’ skills and performance.

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