Harry’s Storyy

Harry faced some tough times during his school years, mainstream education just didn’t work out for him, and he finished year 11 without his English and Maths GCSEs. He started doubting if further education was the right path for him but was then referred to Storyy Group and found himself in an Alternative Provision (AP) setting.

Within the AP environment, Harry discovered his true passion for sports. He became actively involved in various sports activities and formed connections with younger students. He was always there, offering his support during sports sessions and making a real impact. Recognising his potential, Harry took a leap of faith and applied for an apprenticeship role at a local sports coaching company and blew them away during the interviews with his enthusiasm.

Harry’s journey took an exciting turn when he enrolled in a Sports Coach Level 2 course offered by Storyy Group. This course was more than just sports coaching; it also included functional skills in English and Maths. It turned out to be a game-changer for Harry. The lessons were tailored to his learning style, and he thrived in this environment. His employer sang his praises as Harry actively participated in the course, soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

What made Harry’s experience truly remarkable were the opportunities he had to shadow senior PE coaches. This hands-on experience allowed him to build strong relationships with staff and the schools he worked with. Through one-on-one and small group lessons, the Storyy tutors provided personalised guidance, ensuring Harry stayed motivated and engaged throughout the course.

Even though traditional schooling didn’t suit Harry, he didn’t let that stop him. He persisted with his apprenticeship, pouring his heart and soul into it. He completed the course successfully and aced the functional skills exams. That achievement opened doors for Harry as he was offered a full-time role within the sports coaching company. Now he’s out there, making a difference by supporting and leading lessons in the schools he works with.

Harry has now taken things to the next level by enrolling in a Community Sports and Health Officer Level 3 course. This fantastic opportunity will allow him to broaden his horizons even further. With this qualification, Harry will be able to contribute to the sports company’s efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles and organising community sports events and activities.

Harry’s journey is a shining example of the positive outcomes achieved at Storyy Group. We believe in a personal approach to education and support, ensuring individuals like Harry can unleash their full potential. By recognising each student’s unique strengths and needs, Storyy Group creates an environment where people can truly thrive.

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