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Whether you’re a school looking for FGM and Fire Safety courses, or a sports coaching company searching for Challenging Behaviour and Safeguarding qualifications, our CPD & Training courses apply to any industry. They range from Health & Safety qualifications to Business Leadership and Management courses, all of which can be hosted online. Our engaging e-learning suite is ideal for all industries, to ensure your staff remains compliant.

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If you struggle to find short CPD courses to develop and upskill your staff, Storyy Unlimited is perfect for you! Access a wide range of 700+ courses for personal and professional development.

We have an extensive range of online CPD & Training Courses on offer to suit your industry needs. Take a look through our CPD & Training Courses brochure and decide which sessions you think your staff needs to attend and complete.

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With over 700 CPD training courses to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect online course within our extensive directory to further your team’s skill set.
Choose from: 

Admin, Secretarial & HR
Business, Computing & Technology
Health & Safety 
Sales & Marketing 
Teams & Management 

Alongside many more!

Cost-effective, accessible CPD & Training solutions.

Upskill staff using our suite of auto-assessed CPD-certified content.

Flexible & bespoke packages available suited to your sector.

Lisa Parkinson, Partnerships Manager

Lisa is here to support you with all your CPD training needs; she wants to ensure you have the correct provision for your business and staff. 

Lisa would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions about our CPD training courses, would like a full list of programmes we offer and how you can help upskill your workforce, please reach out.


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