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Our work based training programmes are suitable for anyone, they are a way of upskilling, and for people to get the necessary skills and experience to succeed in their chosen career. From GCSE level through to a Masters degree we can tailor our training programmes to fit with your industry, ethos and values.  Many world class careers have been built on the programmes we have to offer which have led to many life changing opportunities.

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Our Training & Apprenticeships are Ofsted regulated!

Mel White, Operations Manager, Training

With a background in sales and management, Mel joined Storyy’s Apprenticeships & Training team in its infancy back in 2020. Since then, Mel has helped in successfully navigating the challenges brought by the pandemic and driven the growth of the team to become a successful and well-regarded provision.

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Our engaging e-learning suite is for flexible and accessible learning anytime, anywhere. Our platform offers a variety of options, from short CPD courses to improving Maths and English skills or mastering interview techniques. With self-paced learning and interactive elements like quizzes and multimedia content, our e-learning provides a personalised and engaging experience. Our cohort remain competitive in today’s job market with continuous development and lifelong learning. Choose from specialised courses and certifications to upskill in specific areas of interest.

We offer a range of comprehensive courses designed to enhance skills and open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our Teaching Assistant Level 3 course focuses on developing strategies to support independent learning while fostering safe and effective learning environments. The Team Leader Level 3 program equips participants with leadership styles, coaching techniques, and team management models to enhance performance and goal-setting. Our Learning and Skills Mentor Level 4 course emphasises effective vocational guidance, understanding legal requirements, and supporting learners’ development. 


Additionally, our Community Sport and Health Officer Level 3 course provides the knowledge and skills to engage local communities, promote physical activity, and coordinate impactful initiatives. Join our courses to expand your capabilities and make a positive impact in various professional settings.

Our Early Years Practitioner Level 2 course is perfect for individuals new to the industry. It covers all the government-mandated Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements, providing comprehensive knowledge on the learning, development, and care of children aged from birth to 5 years. Whether indoors or outdoors, this course prepares you to create enriching environments for early childhood development.


For those seeking to work independently or supervise others in delivering the EYFS requirements, our Early Years Educator Level 3 apprenticeship is ideal. This apprenticeship is well-suited for individuals already working in childcare or those aspiring to pursue a career in early years. Please note that this apprenticeship requires a level 2 qualification in Childcare or a minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience in the field. Join us on this rewarding journey to enhance your skills and become a proficient early years educator

We have a range of impactful courses designed for personal and professional growth. Our Community Sport and Health Officer Level 3 course focuses on engaging local organisations and communities to promote physical activity. The Team Leader Level 3 program explores leadership styles and coaching benefits, enhancing team performance and goal-setting. With our Customer Service Level 2 course, you can develop essential skills for outstanding service across diverse industries, tailored to your organisation’s approach. Lastly, our Community Activator Coach Level 2 course empowers you to promote inclusive activities and inspire a more active lifestyle through community engagement. Choose the course that aligns with your aspirations and unlock new opportunities for development.

Our comprehensive courses are designed to make a positive impact in the lives of children, young people, and families. Our Children, Young People, and Families Practitioner Level 4 course equips you with the skills and strategies to achieve positive and sustainable change for those you work with. As a Children, Young People, and Families Manager Level 5, you’ll provide direction and commitment within your practice, teams, and partnerships to empower children, young people, and families towards their best potential. Our Team Leader Level 3 program focuses on leadership styles, coaching benefits, and team management techniques, enhancing performance and goal-setting. Additionally, our Customer Service Level 2 course hones your skills in delivering exceptional customer service across various industries, customised to encompass your organisation’s approach and etho

Lisa Parkinson, Partnerships Manager

Lisa has recently joined the Storyy Group Training & Apprenticeships team as our Partnerships Manager and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked in the apprenticeships & training industry for over 11 years. 

Lisa will work closely with employers by supporting them, offering guidance on ‘all things apprenticeships’, and ensuring they have the correct provision in place. Lisa would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the apprenticeships we offer and how we can help develop and upskill your workforce.

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Functional Skills Tutor

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Lisa Parkinson

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Head of Education and Curriculum Design

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