Louise’s Storyy

Before joining storyy group I worked as a support worker for vulnerable adults In the community. I worked a lot with people with asd and mental health issues delivering support to help them live independently as they could.

I joined storyy group as I feel over the past few years mental health in children has declined massively. I feel like I have the compassion and determination to really make a change in young peoples lives.

I work as a behaviour mentor within storyy group offering children a safe space and the tools in which can help them make good choices that could impact their lives in a more constructive way. To offer support with managing emotions in a safe way and live a more positive life.

I love being able to offer young people consistent support and seeing that support turn into growing confidence with their communication skills and within themselves.

With help of another behaviour mentor we managed to get a young person that was out of education for around 2.5 years in a mainstream school receiving education for morning period. This young person was a complete school refuser and found it hard trusting and communicating with adults. The perseverance from myself and another behaviour mentor has now made a huge impact on him being able to receive an education which will greatly impact his quality of life.

I have recently completed and passed understanding children and young persons mental health level 2 course. Also currently completing a CBT course. My goal is to up-skill myself as much as I can to be able to offer a high level of support for our young people.

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