Charlotte’s Storyy

Before joining Storyy Group, I had the opportunity to work for a prominent day nursery company where I held the position of managing a team comprising 32 dedicated staff members and overseeing the care of 81 children on a daily basis. While this experience was valuable, I began to feel trapped in the day nursery setting and sensed that my career growth had reached a plateau. I yearned for the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of young people and carve out a path for my own advancement.

That’s when I made the decision to join Storyy Group. The prospect of being able to make a difference in the lives of young individuals, combined with the opportunity for personal and professional development, drew me to this organisation. Storyy Group offered the perfect platform for me to nurture and support young individuals in their journey while also allowing me to progress in my career.

In my current role, I am fortunate to engage in meaningful work that brings me immense satisfaction. The aspect I truly cherish is the ability to support the young people under our care and witness firsthand the positive impact we have on their daily lives. I love the fact that I can make a tangible difference in their well-being. Additionally, I find great fulfilment in coaching and guiding our staff members, helping them progress in areas they are passionate about.

Since joining Storyy Group, I have had several notable achievements. One that stands out is the successful completion of my management apprenticeship, which was hosted within the company. This accomplishment not only solidified my skills but also demonstrated my commitment to continuous growth and learning.

Looking forward, I have set my sights on pursuing a Level 5 qualification in Management. This next step in my educational journey will further enhance my capabilities and empower me to contribute even more effectively to the organisation’s success. I am eager to continue my progression within Storyy Group, seizing every opportunity to expand my horizons and make a lasting impact.

In conclusion, joining Storyy Group has been a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally. The ability to support young individuals and witness their growth has brought me immense joy. With my management apprenticeship completed, I am eager to pursue further qualifications and continue my upward trajectory within the company. I am grateful for the opportunities I have found here and look forward to the exciting endeavours that lie ahead.

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