Meet Our Alternative Provisions Team

Our Alternative Provisions Team is made up of highly qualified and trained staff, to ensure Storyybrook’s young people are receiving the best support and education possible.

Brian Murphy

Brian operates as the Managing Director of Storyy Group, overseeing all areas of the business and ensuring quality of service and care. Brian worked in Bracknell Forest School for 7 years and started BM Active & Mentoring, a sports and performing arts Alternative Provision; he now collaborates with Commissioners to ensure care is provided to young people at the highest possible standard.
Having grown up in the care system himself, Brian has experienced first-hand what it’s like to grow up as a Looked After Child (LAC); this was Brian’s main drive behind starting Storyy Group. Brian wants to improve the lives of all young people who come into Storyy Group and provide them with the tools to succeed in life.

Richard Williams

Rich oversees the marketing operations that take place within Storyy Group, making sure that all things Storyy are communicated through the website and other marketing streams. Rich brings a wealth of Sales and Marketing experience to Storyy, enabling the actual stories of our young people to be told and shared with you.

Having been a part of several global organisations, Rich is bringing his corporate experience to the table to ensure that Storyy Group is operating at the highest possible standard. With a background working in children’s respite care during his teenage years and having been a Strategic Development Manager for disabled children services, Rich is here to use his creative experience to highlight the incredible work done by Storyy Group daily.

Arran Bayle

Arran has a vast amount of experience working with young people, having previously headed up The Pathways, an Alternative Provisions for young people to learn through trades and NEET sessions, with the ability to obtain AQA awards in the process.

Having been handpicked to teach international students, Arran has travelled all over the world and delivered programs in Thailand, Vietnam, Panama, Japan and the USA; he has worked with young people from all kinds of backgrounds, alongside working with schools to help reintegrate expelled students back into education. Arran brings his vast expertise to Storyy Group’s Alternative Provision services, ensuring every young person is given a fair and equal chance to succeed in life.

Storyys of our young people

We want to help write the Storyys of the young people that come to us at Storyybrook by creating an inclusive and wholesome environment for children to spend time in. This way, we can reshape pathways and create lighter, brighter futures from a young age.

Sam’s Storyy

Ali’s Storyy

Mark’s Storyy

Alice’s Storyy