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Young Person’s Mentor

Your role as a Young Person’s Mentor is to provide support to young people in a compassionate and caring home environment, with a focus on each person being able to: 

  • Be Healthy 
  • Stay Safe 
  • Enjoy and Achieve 
  • Make a Positive Contribution 
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing

A Day in the Life of a Young Person’s Mentor: 

No two days will be the same, but that is the beauty of working for Storyy Group. You will help support our care experienced young people with cooking, maintaining their rooms, alongside arranging and travelling to health appointments. You will also assist the young people when it comes to applying for access to benefits, upskilling themselves, helping with CV writing and travelling to and from professional interviews or meetings. You will be working in the home of these young people, helping them learn life skills and work towards independence. You will also have to deal with sometimes destructive behaviour, substance misuse, barriers with education and self-harm; in these instances, the wider team is there to support you and aid you where they can. You will also be working closely with Ofsted and other local authorities, so it is vital that documentation is kept up to date and record properly to ensure you help the young people to hit their goals and aspirations. Activities are also hugely important for our young people, as they help to build relationships with professionals and peers. We always incorporate equality and diversity, taking into consideration cultural needs alongside individual hobbies and interests. All in all, we want you to have fun and find enjoyment every day whilst working with our young people.  

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