Welcome to Storyybrook!

Having opened in February 2024, Storyybrook is our state-of-the-art Alternative Provision for primary-aged children. It has been designed with bespoke education in mind, whilst also offering mentoring and respite for SEN and SEMH needs children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old.

Why join Storyybrook?

Step Outside

We understand that classroom environments don’t always work for everyone; that’s why we’ve ensured that Storyybrook has ample secure outside space for children to take a breath of fresh air. This Alternative Provision hosts over 3 acres of land for outdoor activities, ensuring children spend plenty of time in green areas and connect with nature. Storyybrook also has an outside gymnasium, allowing students to explore physical activity whilst having fun and playing around.

Bespoke Education Spaces

We want to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for, so Storyybrook has been designed to meet the requirements of every child who is on-site with us. This Alternative Provision includes a cosy sensory room to help develop processing abilities and self-regulation, cooking facilities for the children to learn basic culinary skills, an art room for students to explore creativity, a topic room to discuss weekly themes and subjects, such as life skills for independence, celebrations & festivals and saving the plant, alongside many other inspiring and creative spaces.

Charlotte Linsell, Storyybrook Site Manager

Charlotte has over 15 years of childcare experience, having worked as a Nanny and Nursery before moving into the role of Storyybrook’s Primary Manager.

Charlotte is passionate about creating a safe and inviting space for children to access and participate in a wide variety of activities. Communicating efficiently between Storyybrook and the student’s parents, Charlotte ensures that everyone is on the same page to meet the needs of the children that are being looked after.

With these practices in place, Storyybrook is a stimulating environment where staff work closely together to provide superb care and exceed targets.

What makes Storyybrook different?

High quality alternative provision

A site designed to meet every child’s needs to create a positive learning environment.

Highly trained staff

Extensively trained staff who receive active supervision every month.

Personalised timetable

These plans are created to meet each child’s individual needs, based on a ‘Behaviour Support Model’.

Learning key life skills

Storyybrook’s facilities allow children to access activities that will teach them important essential skills.

Transition and re-engagement

We’re here to support young people with challenging behaviours and help them realise their full potential.

Mentoring and respite

Storyybrook also provides support for children with SEMH and SEN needs.

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