Brands with purpose

Each of the companies within our group started with one simple question; How can I make a difference to young people who need it most? As a result, we are proud to say that we have positively impacted thousands of young people along their storyy, and we’re only getting started.

BM Active

Every child deserves a champion.
Behavioural Challenges Mental Health SEN & SEMH Needs
Apprenticeships AQA Off-Site Provision On-Site Mentors Respite services Traineeship

A mentoring programme working with secondary age children between 11-16 using Sport, PSHE, life skills and arts and crafts. We are looking to take teenagers and get them back into mainstream or the correct school placement for the YP. We also offer respite and outreach programmes all year round. Longer term placements for YP who are waiting for acceptance into a new school. Also doing lots of work with Thames Valley Police and YOT to work to cut down occurrences in the local areas.

The Alt Prov.

Engage. Motivate. Empower.
4-11 Year Olds (Primary Age) Behavioural Challenges SEMH needs SEN Needs
Off-Site Provision On-Site Mentors Respite services

We use a tailored physical, emotional and educational programme to help mentor young people, challenge their minds and motivate them – giving them the confidence they need to be successful in life and prepare them for the next educational setting.

Along the way, each young person will demonstrate our six learning drivers through their own personal interests. They’ll also complete My Journey – our pack that consists of 12 lessons on emotions, personal development and setting goals, along with a range of discussions and activities. We find that by encouraging positive behaviours support our strategies and help re-engage young people in their learning.

The Pathway

Because you matter.
13+ Years old EOTAS PRU & NEET learners
Cooking classes CV Writing Healthy Living Advice Interview Prep

Our expert mentors and tutors have worked all over the world engaging young people from all kinds of backgrounds in essential life lessons. We deliver a life-skills development programme for young people aged 13-17. Whether it’s through cooking classes or opening bank accounts and budgeting, or even learning a trade with a pathway to work experience. We help guide young people through everyday events, designed to promote healthy living and improve mental health, while ensuring our young people feel prepared and confident to do so on their own when the time comes.

The Practical Approach

Creativity. Confidence. Communication.
Young people suffering with; Autism Mental health ADHD Anxiety Depression
Content Creation Dancing Photography Singing & Performing

We help children and young people build their confidence and communication skills in a creative manner. Using many different genres of creativity such as; Singing, Dancing, Social Media, Makeup, Photography and Fashion. T.P.A works holistically with each individual.

We strive to help candidates on their educational journey. Once referred to us we will create a bespoke programme which helps embed English, Maths and Science, as well as other school subjects. We work with each individual to build confidence and explore how to communicate their thoughts and emotions.

The Positive Impact.

Be strong. Be positive. Be true.
ADHD Anxiety Depression Mental Health Young people suffering with; Autism
Advice Boxing Mentoring Seminars & workshops

We work with young people who have dysregulated behaviour, anger issues, low confidence and mental health problems. Using boxing and relatable mentoring to give them a different perspective and coping mechanisms to make better choices in life. The business specialises in dysregulated behaviour, anger management, gangs, knife crime and county lines.

Get Active Education

Creativity. Confidence. Communication.
Our apprentcieships are for everyone
Apprenticeships Training Upskilling

A service dedicated to apprenticeships and training delivery. Get Active Education is able to establish a team dedicated to the delivery of apprenticeships to schools, businesses and large organisations holding Levy contracts to develop their staff across a number of services.

We help organisations to keep and improve their ethos, helping to shape staff development and a bespoke delivery for their learners and organisation. We work closely with you to deliver apprenticeships that meet and exceed not only your needs but also the latest industry standards.

Project Home

We believe extraordinary futures start at home.
16 - 24 Years Old (Supported Living) 8 - 15 Years Old (Children’s Homes)
Crisis Intervention Residential Care Transition Packages

At Project Home we enable young people with specialist needs to live full and active lives into adulthood. We’re raising well above industry standards by nurturing a caring environment at the heart of our homes, celebrating the individuality of children and sparking pathways that change lives. We offer safe and homely, OFSTED regulated, high quality accommodation and bespoke care packages to meet the needs of our young people in a holistic manner.

We’re proud to say that we support the transition from our registered care services onto semi independent and through to adulthood.

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